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New SPORTSMAN Gear Ratios

Now in stock. Weddle Industries has added two new ratios to the SPORTSMAN Gear lineup: .89 and .77 4th Gear Sets. Both are available keyed or splined. The .89 ratio replaces hard-to-find stock VW coarse tooth 4th gears. The .77 ratio is an "overdrive" ratio that allows you to run lower RPMs on the freeway.

All Weddle SPORTSMAN Gears are manufactured from 8620 steel, an extremely durable material that offers an excellent compromise between price and performance. SPORTSMAN gears were designed to replace the discontinued GEM/Arrow brand 3rd and 4th gears. We have reconfigured many of the old GEM tooth counts and redesigned the gear tooth profiles for increased strength and longevity. Quality control is absolutely top notch. Performance-wise, you can't get a better bang for you buck. Just ask our most demanding customers. See Sportsman Gears.
Application:  VW Type 1, 002 Bus 

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Sportsman 3rd Gears
Price $196 — available ratios:
  • 1.48
  • 1.58
  • 1.65
  • 1.70
Sportsman 4th Gears
Price $184—available ratios:
  • NEW .77 (Keyed and Splined)
  • .82 (Keyed and Splined)
  • NEW .89 (Keyed and Splined)
  • 1.04 (Keyed and Splined)
  • 1.13 (Keyed and Splined)
  • 1.22 (Keyed and Splined)
  • 1.32 (Keyed and Splined)
  • 1.43 (Keyed and Splined)
  • 1.58 (Keyed and Splined)