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NEW Heavy Duty VW 091 3-4 Slider Hubs

Heavy duty replacement. The original factory VW 091 3rd-4th slider hubs were brittle and prone to cracking. Heavy duty Weddle Racing 091 3-4 hubs are made from our proprietary spec steel and feature rounded key slots to further help prevent cracking.

All Weddle Racing hubs are made from fine grain vacuum-melt steel, each bar of which is ultrasound tested for internal defects prior to machining.  All Weddle Racing slider hubs go through a special multiphase heat-treat and cryogenic process that greatly increases strength and fatigue resistance. Finally, Weddle Racing slider hubs are deburred and shot-peened to combat fatigue and increase life.


'76-'79 VW Type 2 (091 Bus), '80-'83 Vanagon (Air Cooled), Mendeola MD4-2D, MD5

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091-311-309-HD     Weddle Racing 091 3-4 Slider Hub
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