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NEW Bushings/Seal Holders for VW Nosecones
Upgrade on a hard-to-find replacement. Weddle Industries now stocks previously obsolete Bushings/Seal Holders for VW Type 1 and 002 nosecones. Unlike the original early stock outer bushings ('61-'66), these bushings allow the use of a seal (sold separately). A fresh set of bushings equals more precise shifting. Upgrade your gearbox today.
'61-'68 VW Type 1, '69 and later VW Type 1 and 002

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001-301-209     Bushing/Seal Holder for VW Nosecone '69 and Later     See pricing
001-301-209A     Bushing/Seal Holder for VW '61-'66 Nosecone     See pricing
001-301-209C     Bushing/ /Seal Holder for VW 67-'68 Nosecone     See pricing
111-301-207     Early Nosecone Bushing     See pricing
001-301-227     VW Nosecone Seal     See pricing