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Can-Am Pinion Bearing Nut Upgrade

New for Can-Am Smart-Lok and Visco-Lok front differentials. Weddle Industries has developed a solution for the common failure of the needle bearing that supports the pinion head in the main housing. Since 2017, this has been one of the most common failure points that we have seen in recreational, and racing use. Failure of these needle bearings typically leads to broken main housings and failure of the pinion gear, often requiring replacement of the complete diff unit. 

The Weddle Industries Adapter Nut allows use of a double row ball bearing assembly, replacing the single row ball bearing on the factory pinion shaft/gear. The double row pinion bearing adds much better lateral support to the pinion shaft, reducing the loads placed on the needle bearing at the opposite end of the pinion shaft inside the housing. 

Prevent failure and extend the life of your differential assembly for recreational or racing use. Service intervals have drastically increased for race use, requiring less frequent removal of diff units for inspection between races, preventing failure of the needle bearing and housings, as well as extending the life of the R&P gears. What once were considered “throw away” parts after certain races and mileage, are now being serviced and put back in for further use rather than replacement. 

These parts install into the Visco-Lok and Smart-Lok front differentials with zero modifications to factory parts. (Specialty tools required to remove and install pinion shaft assembly from diff units not available through Weddle Industries) 

Complete Weddle race prepped Smart-Lok differential units are available to buy with HD pinion bearings installed, deburred, shotpeened, and REM polished gears, and ready for use.


Application: Can-Am Smart-Lok and Visco-Lok front differentials

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CAN-705401820-HD     Weddle Industries Adapter Nut
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CAN-705401821-HD     Double Row HD Ball Bearing for Pinion Shaft
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CAN-705402936-WRP   New Race Prepped Smart-Lok Diff, Gen 2
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CAN-820HD-INST     Instructions for Weddle Adapter Nut and HD Pinion Bearing