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Albins ST6-M Transaxle: Mid-Engine Ready

Lightning fast shifts for mid-engine applications. Borrowing the 6-speed sequential base of the original ST6 developed for V8 Supercars, the Albins ST6-M couples lightning-fast shifts with an efficient set of drop gears for quick, simple ratio changes.

Like the entire Albins ST6 Series, the ST6-M is a strong, reliable package that is simple and straight forward to service. In an effort to reduce drag, the ST6-M features roller bearings and straight-cut, profile ground gears that are shot peened and isotropic polished to help increase gear life. Inspection ports make routine inspection easy without disassembly. Internal oil pumps are standard. 

Albins ST6-M features:

  • Albins Klingelnberg Palloid ring and pinion set
  • Gears profile ground after heat treat
  • Cast LM25 aluminum housings heat treated to T6 condition and stainless shot blasted
  • All gears shot peened and isotropic finished
  • Optional plate type LSD available
  • Innovative design allows very low engine mounting
  • Exceptionally short shift event times
  • Drop gear option for fast, economical gear changes
  • Straight cut drive gears for low friction and use of roller bearing internals for low friction
  • Internal oil pump and lubrication/cooling system
  • Wide selection of drop gears available
  • Inspection ports allow visual check of gear and dog wear
  • Rod or cable shift activation
  • Tripod style output flanges standard. CV flanges optional