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Sequential 5-speed with a hefty 11.5" R&P. Originally known as the Mendeola S5D, the Weddle S5D features 85mm shaft centers, heavy-duty gears, larger bearings, and a full size, fully functional reverse gear paired with a heavy duty 11.5" ring and pinion set. The Weddle S5D is an excellent choice for desert pre-runners and/or street legal buggies running high-horsepower V-8 engines. Three different ratios of Weddle Racing ring and pinions and a wide selection of Weddle Industries propriety 1st through 5th gears make it easy to tailor this trans for your specific application

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  • Industry proven Weddle Klingelnberg 11.5" diameter ring and pinion
  • Spiral bevel ring and pinion reduces frictional losses and can be run mid or rear engine
  • Bronze load bolt prevents ring gear displacement.
  • Weddle Racing gears with extra wide faces. Design based on 85mm shaft center distance
  • Sequentially shifted forward gears
  • Hemi spline 300M input shaft (1-3/16" x 18-spline)
  • 934 drive flanges standard.
  • External housings cast from A356 aluminum and heat treated to T6 condition
  • Housings stainless shot blasted after casting.
  • Bell housing with Chevy bolt pattern standard.
  • Billet aluminum sidecovers.
  • Differential supported by heavy-duty tapered roller bearings.
  • Outboard ball bearings support the drive flanges.
  • Housings pre-drilled for external oil
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  • Download Exploded View Diagrams
  • Download Drawing CH BH
  • Download Drawing VW BH

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Ring and Pinions: 4.88, 4.63

1st Gears: 3.27, 3.09, 2.91

2nd gears: 2.21, 2.14, 2.08, 1.93

3rd, 4th and 5th gears: 1.93, 1.86, 1.79, 1.75, 1.67, 1.59, 1.56, 1.50, 1.44, 1.37, 1.32, 1.26, 1.20, 1.14, 1.10, 1.04, 1.00, 0.96, 0.89