In-house REM Superfinishing process by Weddle Industries

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In-house REM Superfinishing process by Weddle Industries

Reduce friction and extend the life of your driveline components. Weddle Industries offers complete in-house REM ISF® processing for gears, ring & pinion sets, CV joints, engine parts, and many other components. Developed by REM Surface Engineering, ISF, or “Isotropic Superfinish”, is a finishing treatment for machined metal components that eliminates the imperfections left over by the machining process. In very simplified terms, the “peaks” left on metal parts by various manufacturing processes are removed using vibratory equipment in conjunction with patented solutions to speed up the process. The result is a much more uniform surface that provides many impressive benefits for motorsports, including:

  • Reduced Friction 
  • Lower Operating Temperatures
Extended Component Life
Increased Efficiency
Reduced Lubrication Requirements
Reduced Metal Debris
No Break-in Required
The bottom line is that the REM process will decrease power loss by making your driveline
more efficient. Since its inception in 1965, the REM ISF process has revolutionized the 
performance capabilities of metal to metal contact parts.
Being able to perform the REM process in house is the perfect compliment to our Weddle
Racing Gears and Weddle Racing Ring & Pinion Sets. The benefits of REM, however, do not
stop at treating gears. Most transaxles will benefit from smoother shifts as well by treating
sliders, slider hubs, and shift rails. From spider gears to ring & pinions to CV joints, REM
treatment will help your driveline perform better and your components last longer.

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REM ISF pricing*

*Note: Above pricing includes REM Superfinishing of ring & pinion set, gear sets, differential gears, sliders, slider hubs, shift rails, selector shaft, shift drum, reverse gears, etc, as applicable for each transaxle type.