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OVERSTOCK: New Factory VW 091 Shift Rails

Hard-to-find Genuine Factory VW replacements: Weddle Industries now has a large supply of new VW 091 Shift Rails and Hockey Sticks. These parts are hard-to-find, brand new Genuine Factory VW replacements. The Hockey Sticks are later-model, hardened units that wear much longer than the soft hockey sticks supplied as original equipment in earlier vehicles. 

Applications: Shift Rails: '76-'79 VW 091 Bus
Hockey Sticks: '68-'75 VW 002 Bus, '76-'79 VW 091 Bus


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091-311-577     091 Bus Reverse Shift Rail, New
(Requires Circlip #002-311-579)
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091-311-567     091 3-4 Bus Shift Rail, New
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091-311-557     091 1-2 Bus Shift Rail, New
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091-311-541   '68-'79 Bus Hockey Stick, Hardened (Genuine VW)     See pricing

002-311-579     Circlip For Type 2 Reverse Shift Rail, New
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