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NEW Weddle HV1 Heavy Duty Input Shaft Upgrade

The Weddle HV1 Transaxle is now even stronger. We are happy to announce the redesign and heavy duty upgrade of the Weddle HV1 input shaft. The original HV1 input shaft featured regular VW-sized splines. The new heavy duty HV1 input shaft now features a much bigger and beefier spline diameter. This upgrade remedies the HV1's only real weak link and further increases the overall strength and reliability of the already sturdy Weddle HV1 package. All new Weddle HV1 kits come standard with the new heavy duty input shafts. Older HV1s can be upgraded with some minor machine work. 

Available mainshaft ratios:

  • 3.11 x 1.86
  • 2.90 x 1.86

Application: Weddle HV1 transaxles

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