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NEW VW Type 2 Mini Locker
Maximize traction. In a standard “open” differential, torque is divided equally between the wheels. If one wheel slips and spins, only a fraction of the torque is utilized. The Mini Locker eliminates this problem. Power will always be delivered to the wheel with the most traction to keep you moving instead of getting stuck.
How it works. The Type 2 Mini Locker consists of two bi-directional over-running dog clutches. Each clutch has a driving member (the driver) and a driven member (the existing sidegear). Both clutches are rotated by the differential cross shafts to form a fully locking combination when engine torque is applied. The Mini Locker provides differential action when cornering by allowing the rear wheels to rotate at different speeds. Because the outside wheel is “ground driven” faster than the inside wheel, the dog clutch disengages, allowing the outside wheel to rotate freely; power continues to be applied to the slower (inside) wheel. In low traction situations, the Mini Locker will always deliver power to the wheel with the most grip, with up to 100% of the engine’s torque available to either wheel.
Simple and rugged design. No Belleville washers, clutch packs or cone clutches to break or wear out. The Mini Locker features heat-treated, high carbon steel drivers and tough stainless steel springs that stand up to high temperatures and fatigue and does not require special limited-slip differential additives in the gear oil.
Application:  VW Type 2 transaxles (002, 091, 094)

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