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NEW VW 091 B-Style Diff Cover
Critical VW replacement. Weddle Industries now offers New Factory VW 091 B-Style Diff Covers. The B-style diff cover has been updated to correct the flaws of the original A-Style cover which was prone to breakage at the bearing journal. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: We highly recommend replacing your A-style diff cover with a B-style cover as soon as possible. Failures from A-style covers are common and often lead to expensive repairs. We do not recommend using an A-style diff cover for stock rebuilds or any other applications.
To determine if you have an A or B-style diff cover, check the part number on the casting. The part number for B-style covers ends with the letter “B” (see photo).
Application: VW 091 and 094 transaxles


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091-517-135B      091 "B-Style" Diff Cover, New
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