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NEW Nissan R35 GT-R Upgrade Kit

Heavy duty, high performance upgrade. Standard 
Nissan R35 GT-Rs make approximately 480-540 HP. Tuners have modified their cars to create as much as 1300 HP. In the standard Nissan R35 GT-R transmission, the 1st and 4th gears are prone to breakage. The Albins R35 GT-R upgrade kit is a great heavy duty solution. The Albins kit eliminates some of the circlip type gear retainers that are prone to failure. Ratios and toothcount are compatible with the sensors inside the standard Nissan R35 GT-R gearbox.

In cars over 900 HP, shaft flex may become an issue. Shaft flex can cause the trans to pop out of gear and damage gear teeth. In order to combat this, Albins uses a proprietary high-grade steel for their gear sets and shafts and has modified the backcut on the dog teeth to prevent failure in high load situations.
The Albins Nissan R35 GT-R gear sets are ground after
heat treat and isotropically finished. Gear grinding helps create a perfect tooth profile which allows silent operation. Many after-market gear sets are hobbed (not ground) which can result in a gear “whine” during operation. Kits are available with circlip type retention or a locking nut retainer for increased reliability.
Application: Nissan R35 GT-R transaxles

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Albins 1st-6th replacement set with front drive gear and nut retention.