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NEW Large Diameter Bell Housing Kit for S4D/S5D Transaxles
Performance upgrade. Weddle Industries now stocks large diameter bell housing kits for S4D and S5D gearboxes. This bell housing upgrade allows the use of larger diameter (10.4" and 11") Weddle clutches. Larger diameter clutches greatly increase holding power. At the same time, they require less clamping force which results in lighter pedal effort, smoother engagement and better drivability. This kit includes:
  • Bell Housing
  • Input Shaft
  • Input Seal
  • Clutch Cross Shaft Assembly
  • T/O Bearing Guide Sleeve
  • Dust Shields
  • Hardware
Application:  S4D and S5D gearboxes

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S45D-615LS-168     Large Diameter Chevy Bell Housing Kit for S4D/S5D
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