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NEW Billet Inline Oil Filter with Long-life Strainer

Improve the life and performance of your trans. A high quality strainer filter is absolutely mandatory if you 
are running an oil circulation system for your transmission, 
differential, or torque converter. The small bits of metal and
 debris that are shed by gears, engaging dogs, and other components will quickly destroy the pump gears (or diaphragm) if allowed to flow through the system.

Our billet in-line filter uses a pleated stainless steel strainer
element to maximize surface area. The 200-micron screen size provides a high level of protection for the pump and cooler while
allowing non-restrictive flow, even with modern high viscosity oils. 
The strainer element is designed to prevent the clogging that 
can sometimes occur with extreme impact additive packages common in high-end racing oils. Our billet filters can be quickly disassembled to access the long-life strainer element, which can be rinsed out and re-used many times before replacement is required.

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9-FILTER1     Weddle Racing In-Line Filter
(AN-8 fittings)   See pricing

9-FILTER1-01     Replacement Inner O-ring
(2 per filter)       See pricing

9-FILTER1-02     Replacement Outer O-ring
(2 per filter)       See pricing

9-FILTER1-03     Replacement Strainer Element
See pricing