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NEW 3.44 Ratio Heavy Duty Ring & Pinion for VW Type 1 gearboxes

New heavy duty ratio. Now available, Weddle Racing Heavy Duty VW Type 1 Klingelnberg Palloid 3.44 Ring & Pinion sets. All Weddle Racing R&Ps are made from a proprietary spec, fine grain vacuum-melt steel, each bar of which is ultrasound tested for internal defects prior to machining. In order to increase tooth strength and combat fatigue, Weddle Racing R&P sets are:

    •    Treated to a multiphase heat-treat/cryogenic process
    •    Deburred and shot-peened
    •    Feature the Klingelnberg Palloid tooth form

In many of the hardest running vehicles in the world, Weddle Racing gears have been proven to withstand the abuse that causes other gears to fail. 

Klingelnberg Palloid tooth profiles offer significant advantages over other tooth systems such as increased strength and accuracy, longer gear life, and quieter operation. Learn more about the Klingelnberg Palloid system here.

Applications: VW Type 1 transaxles

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5A-344HD     Weddle Racing Type 1 3.44 R&P Set, Klingelnberg Palloid (requires 5AB-NUT & 5AB-SLEEVE)
See pricing 

5AB-NUT     Special Nut for end of Weddle 113/002 Pinion Shaft     See pricing   

5AB-SLEEVE     Weddle Heavy Duty 3rd-4th Spacer Sleeve for 113/002 pinion shaft     See pricing