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Mendeola S4/S5 & S4D/S5D Complete Kits Now Available

Weddle Industries is now the exclusive producer of the  Mendeola S4/S5 and S4D/S5D sequential shifting transaxle line. Since taking over production, we have spent countless hours refining the design and improving the production methods for these units. We are excited to introduce several upgrades:

  • Improved casting procedures for all housings
  • Improved shift mechanism
  • Improved gear carrier housing and mainshaft bearing retainer
  • Improved oil flow

We are very proud to say that complete kits are in stock and available for immediate delivery. All Mendeola S4/S5 and S4D/S5D kits and components are produced to Weddle Industries' specs and ship from our facility in Goleta, California. We appreciate your patience while we worked to make this happen.

For your nearest dealer, call  805 562 8600 or email us .

S4-TRANS     Mendeola S4 4-speed, 10" Ring Gear Sequential Shift Transaxle, Complete     See pricing
S5-TRANS     Mendeola S5 5-speed, 10" Ring Gear Sequential Shift Transaxle, Complete     See pricing
S4D-TRANS     Mendeola S4D 4-speed, 11.5" Ring Gear Sequential Transaxle, Complete     See pricing
S5D-TRANS     Mendeola S5D 5-speed, 11.5" Ring Gear  Sequential Transaxle, Complete     See pricing
*Suggested price for complete, assembled transaxle