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BACK IN STOCK: Weddle Sportsman Ring & Pinions
Perfect for the budget-minded enthusiast that needs more than a stock R&P set can handle. Weddle Sportsman R&P sets are made from aircraft quality AISI 9310 gear steel. This high end material, combined with a special heat treating process, offers a big improvement in strength over the less expensive 8620 steel commonly used for 'econo' ring & pinion sets. Dollar for dollar, Weddle Sportsman Ring & Pinion sets offer a superior value over 'econo' R&P sets. Other features include:
  • Shot peened after heat treat for increased durability
  • Shafts feature rolled 4th gear splines, precision ground bearing journals, and high quality fits and finishes 
  • Gleason tooth profile


 Applications: '68-'75 VW 002 Bus gearboxes

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5B-457G        Weddle Sportsman 002 4.57 R&P Set
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5B-413G      Weddle Sportsman 002 4.13 R&P Set
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5AB-NUT       Special Locking Nut for Sportsman R&P Set 
5AB-SLEEVE     Heavy Duty 3-4 Spacer Sleeve for 113/002 Pinion Shaft