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BACK IN STOCK: Weddle Heavy Duty VW Input Shafts

Reduce transmission shock loads. Heavy duty Weddle Racing 300M Torsional Input Shafts for VW Type 1 and Type 2 transaxles feature diameters and fillets that have been carefully designed to maximize torsional twist without sacrificing strength. Each shaft is manufactured from custom-spec ultra high quality 300M steel, through-hardened, and shot peened to maximize strength and fatigue resistance.

Weddle 300M input shafts are far superior to stock VW input shafts in damping shock loads, which significantly reduces stresses in the transmission and drivetrain and can make a huge difference in the longevity of components, especially in high performance applications.


Application: VW Type 1 and Type 2 transaxles


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113-311-105-A-HD     300M Type 1 Input Shaft (259mm) See pricing

091-311-105-A-HD     300M Type 2 Input Shaft, Short Snout (286mm) See pricing

091-311-105-HD        300M Type 2 Input Shaft, Long Snout (298mm) See pricing