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Superior drivability. Exceptional holding power. Years of research, design, testing and hard work have allowed us to offer high-performance off-road clutches that offer superior holding power, thermal capacity and durability without sacrificing smooth pedal effort. Features include:   

  • Forged Aluminum Cover. The Weddle HD 9" Single Disc Clutch features a forged aluminum cover with a fully encapsulated sprung center hub. The compact 9" profile is designed to fit transaxles with VW style bell housings 
  • Superior Design. Patented ball bearing pressure plate pivots, nodular iron pressure plate, and a bullet proof sprung center hub 
  • Proprietary cerametallic disc material to increase holding power and deliver smooth engagement  
  • Sprung Center Hub offers smooth clutch engagement and absorbs driveline shock, vibration, and torque spikes which helps protect your transmission, axles, CV joints, and other driveline components from extreme off-road abuse 
  • Made in USA
Compatible Engines: Ecotec, Ford Duratech 4 cyl., Chevy LS 1/2/3/6/7, Honda B16, Honda 3.0/3.2/3.5l V-6, Honda 3.5/3.7l V-6, Honda S2000, Subaru 2.5
Compatible Transaxles: Albins AGB Series (VW Bell Housing), Weddle MD Series, Weddle /S4/S5, Weddle HV Series (VW Bell Housing), VW 091/094

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* Power holding capacity will vary by application and driver.