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NEW VW 091 to VW 094 4th Gear Conversion Kit

Replace your worn out 094 4th gear with a good used 091 4th gear. The Weddle 4th Gear Conversion Kit allows the installation of an air-cooled VW 091 4th gear into a "Waterboxer" 094 Vanagon transaxle. The kit consists of 77 loose needle rollers and an aluminum spacer ring. By replacing the stock VW bearing with this loose needle kit, you will be able to fit the 091 4th gear (38mm bore) on the 094 mainshaft. This conversion is perfect for transaxle builders who have a shelf full of excellent used 091 4th gears.

Additional notes: A lathe will be required to make minor modifications to both halves of the 091 4th gear set. Instructions are included. The 1.5mm needles are very small and easy to lose, so we recommend buying some extras and keeping them on hand in case you come up short. They can be purchased using Weddle part number 4915NR.
Application: VW 094 Vanagon "Waterboxer" transaxles

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4915     VW 091 to VW 094 4th Gear Conversion Kit
4915NR     1.5 x 20.1mm Replacement Needle Roller